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Danielle Herrington

Danielle Herrington - Photo - Jason Riker

Danielle Herrington
Women 360 Management
Hair and Makeup: Michiko Boorberg @michikoboorberg 

Dreaming of the sun

Dreaming of the sun. Sunrise in Brookylyn, NY. Photo - Jason Riker

“Dreaming of the Sun” — Sunrise in Brooklyn, New York.

Spring Snow Day in Brooklyn

My take on another Spring Snow Day in Brooklyn.

Our Friends the Trees

"Our Friends the Trees", Photo Jason Riker

A BW moment in Brooklyn and a reminder about nature.

Where Are They Going Theatre Company

Where Are They Going Theatre Company

You really should visit their Facebook page and see what this exceptional theatre group is doing.
I had the pleasure of working with them on their production of Extinction by Gabe McKinley.  With Sawyer Spielberg, Gabe Mckinley, Brynne Kraynak, Eric Svendsen and Raye Levine.

Where Are They Going Theatre Company

Gabe McKinley

My Facebook Page

Film: Marcela Bellas

Fashion / Beauty short of Marcela Bellas
Shot and Edit: Jason Riker
Hair & Makeup: Sokphalla Ban
Music: MOBY (courtesy of his mobygratis program)
“Summer” from Play & Play: B Sides (2004)